Ranger Exes Memorial - RHS Class of 1937

GATES R. BARKER, 53, was born Oct. 10, 1919, to Jessie Lee Coffman & Robert Edgar Barker. He had two brothers, Edgar Barker (RHS-1930) and Robert Lee Barker (RHS-1944) and four sisters, Clara Barker Singleton (RHS-1930), Catherine Barker Allison (RHS-1933), Hazel Barker Harris (RHS-1936), & Elizabeth Barker Ball (RHS-1942). He attended Ranger High School in the Class of 1937 at Ranger, TX. Gates died on Feb. 17, 1973 in Cleburne, TX. He had 2 children, Kathryn "Kay" Barker Enoch, who lives in Austin, and Gates "Rick" Rickard Barker Jr, who lives in Round Rock. Kay is an attorney and Rick is in the computer business.