Ranger Exes Memorial - RHS Class of 1939 RJC

John Ford JOHN D. FORD, 72, was the son of Mrs. Josephine Ford of Abilene but lived with his grandmother, Mrs. Carrie Henry and attended Ranger High School at Ranger, TX as did his brother, Charles H. Ford (RHS-1942). John was born August 31, 1921, and died March 4, 1994. He had lived in Garland, TX. During WWII, John served in the air corps of the Coast Guard at Natchitoches, Louisina, and received training at New Orleans and Miami. He received pilot training at the Ranger Flying School before entering the service and at Officer's Flight School at Natchitoches. Reared in Ranger, TX he was a 1939 graduate of Ranger High School, graduated from Ranger Jr. College & had mechanical training at the National Youth Administration Airplane School.