Ranger Exes Memorial - RHS Class of 1945 RJC

Dan Conway DANIEL NORMAN CONWAY, 80, of Shreveport, LA, passed away in Feb. of 2009, with burial at Forest Park Cemetery. He was not a well-known man, but you would have liked to have known him well. Dad was born in Ranger, TX on Sept. 7, 1928. He graduated from Ranger High School in 1945 and Texas Tech in 1950. He served in the U.S. Army and Army Reserve from 1946 until his Honorable Discharge in 1954. He used to fly in the Civil Air Patrol when leather caps and goggles were still all the rage. In 1965, he moved our family to Shreveport. Dad spent many years working at Bill Hanna Ford and Mid-South Fleet Leasing. Our house was in the Broadmoor Terrace subdivision of Shreveport and after all these years my son Matt and his wife, Erica, have taken over the old family residence. It's there he taught me many of my life lessons: the value of hard work, what it means to be an entrepreneur and take time to enjoy your life. My father was a good man and I'll miss him deeply. He was preceded in death by his beloved wife of 12 years, Velda Conway, son, William Brent Conway,and daughter, Kay Conway Hall. He is survived his son, Norman Conway and wife, Debbie; grandsons, Mathew (wife Erica) and Arin Conway along with his four step-children and grandchildren, Freda White (Alicia White), Cora Brakhage and Dale (Eric and Athena), Diane Dueease (Julia and Emily) and Edward Brasher; his sister, Marie Conway Sherman (RHS-1940); and his brother-in-law, Nelson Fairbanks (wife Anita).