Ranger Exes Memorial - RHS Class of 1947 RJC

Sara Whatley Stewart SARA FRANCES WHATLEY STEWART, 85, of Houston, TX passed away on March 12, 2016. She was born on June 13, 1930 to Sara G. Moon & Arthur S. Whatley in Eastland, TX. Sara attended Ranger High School in the Class of 1947 at Ranger, TX & Ranger Jr. College. As I look over the crowd I see so many people that loved my mother, people that love me, and people that love my mom and me. It brings me joy and comfort seeing you all here honoring her. I'm sincerely grateful. I know this is supposed to be all about Mom, but I want to talk about y'all for a minute. While you are all very special, I would like to mention a few people that are especially special to me. My boyfriend and husband of 27 years, Barry Brown. My mom's sister, and my aunt, Cora Beth Whatley Carlson (RHS-1952). Most of you know her as CB. Her brother, my uncle, Rick Whatley & his wonderful wife Lori. Mom's niece, and my one and only cousin, Kelli and her 2 beautiful children Jacob & Isabell. Pat and Ron Kahl, who have been a Godsend to my father, mother and me. If my family lived in the area they would have done the same, but Ron and Pat took us under their wings and made us a part of their family. I truly believe they are the best kind of people. It would be a wonderful world if everyone was like them. So caring. They were there from the beginning to the end of this terrible disease, dementia. I can pin point the date when we realized Dad, & then later Mom, were in serious trouble. Ron & Pat helped us deal with every minute, including taking Dad to dementia care in March 2010. With the help of medications, we were able to get him stable enough to move him over to assisted living near Mom, after we moved her over the following Oct. Pat and Ron continued to take them to plays, movies, dinners, functions with friends, and all the things they always loved, until Mom was no longer able to get out of bed. Then they continued to visit her until the very end. I cherish their friendship. My co-workers that listened to and supported me every day since June 2009. I'm not good at keeping things in and they listened to every detail, often many, many times. I also want to thank the staff and residents at Brookdale Shadow Lake. They were good to my parents, especially Mom who lived there for over 5 years. However, it was easy to be good to my mother. This past week has been filled with wonderful memories of her. I have had very emotional moments, but mainly the time has been spent basking in her glory because remembering her makes me so happy. To know my mom was to love her. And she was known and loved in so many ways. First, my father. My father loved her more than anything and she loved him as well. I'm sure they had their ups and downs, but who doesn't in 60 years of marriage. I don't think my Dad could have lived without her, he would have been lost. I always thought that when one died the other would quickly follow. And had it not been for Mom's dementia I believe that would have been the case. That was a time when not having much of a memory was a blessing. She thrived for another 3 years and we're all glad she did! By her children, Bill, Scott and myself, who had a mother's love like no other, sweet, kind, accepting and truly unconditional. We were so fortunate. As an adult I can't remember even one argument with her. She told me I looked pretty almost every time I saw her. She and Dad both made me feel beautiful and like I was the most insightful, intelligent person there ever was. She was loved by her family to who she was completely loyal. I have a small family therefore we are tied together closely. Although we see each other rarely, we share so much love. I'm delighted to have a family as good as mine, I always have been. I consider myself very lucky and I know she did too. By her friends, who she shared so many laughs with her. She loved being around them and participating in all the parties, lunches, dinners, the Clear Lake Bridge Club and of course Recherché. Being with her friends made her extremely happy. And even by the people that only knew her briefly and in passing. I was touched when I told the owner of the nail salon I took Mom to every other Saturday, that Mom had died. Her eyes filled with tears. No matter how you knew my mom, you loved her. Her wonderful personality, sense of humor, beauty, grace, wit, sense of style and to always see things in a positive light. Even when that was very difficult, and there were those moments. She was silly and fun, loved music and dancing, anything arts & crafts, had a great sense of adventure, and was always willing to try new things. No matter how different the people were in her life, they were drawn to her. We all have that in common. There is never enough time. I would love to see her in person one more time, to touch her beautiful face, and to tell her I love her just one more time.