Ranger Exes Memorial - RHS Class of 1954 53 State Champions in Jr. High

1950 Bulldog pups RANGER JUNIOR HIGH PUPS FINISH 1950 GRID SEASON WITH RECORD OF UNDEFEATED, UNTIED, UNSCORED ON (Ranger Times) With cancellation of Monday Night's game at Mineral Wells, the Pups have finished one of their most successful football seasons, boasting and undefeated, untied and unscored on record. Coach Warden is busy preparing the Bulldogs for their bi-district game against Coleman, Thursday, and couldn't make the game with Mineral Wells. It would have been the second meeting of the Pups and Mineral Wells and from the score of the first game, the Pups probably wouldn't have had too much trouble maintaining their excellent record. There is no organized Junior High league but the record of the Pups point to their being the unofficial champs of junior teams in this area. The Pups flashed a smooth-working backfield with a passing-attack that came close to looking like senior high school performance. But, with all credit to the backfield, it was the Pups unrelenting line that set all six opponents on their heels. The Pups scored 176 points for an average of 29.2 per game. Scores of games played were: Pups 64 Eastland 0 Pups 7 Breckenridge 0 Pups 13 Cisco 0 Pups 61 Eastland 0 Pups 26 Mineral Wells 0 Pups 6 Breckenridge 0 ------------------------------------------------------------- PUPS CHEW UP BRECKENRIDGE FOR 7-0 WIN (Ranger Times) Score Comes At Last Minute Of Close Games There was a little more bite than barking last nigh when Ranger Junior High's Pups chewed a 7-0 win over the junior team from Breckenridge. It was a close game throughout with the Pups having the edge on the ground and the visitors in the air. As early as the first quarter the Pups line was charging hard with a blocked Breckenridge punt being cancelled because of a Ranger penalty. The lone tally came in the last minute of the game. With Ranger intercepting a Breckenridge pass on the visitors' 45 and running it back to the 27 yard line, the Pups started their best sustain drive of the game. Mitchell, Wallace and Forney bowled and bulled their way to the Breckenridge one yard line. On a quarterback sneak, Perrin rammed over for the score. Browning made the extra point or a hand-off over tackle. The Pup's best pass came in the third quarter with a 11 yard jump pass from Perrin to Gentry. The third quarter also saw some good hard line play by Rush, McCullin, Getts and Wheeler. ------------------------------------------------------------- JR. HI PLAYERS RECEIVE AWARDS in 1948 (Ranger Times) Forty-eight football athletes were awarded letters or jackets at the annual presentation in the high school auditorium during assembly Monday. Coaches O.C. Warden and Sam Aills presented the awards. Supt. G.B. Rush was the principal speaker and Principal H.L. Coody also spoke. Eighteen High School players, 7 squadmen and 23 junior high gridsters received awards. The 1950 jackets are maroon with a white letter "R". All-district players carry a star on the letter. Number of years played are represented by stripes on the sweaters and jackets. All-district players Jackie Hummel, Bill Young, Weldon Cunningham, Jimmy Comacho and Herbert Williams were recognized. Comacho was also recognized for his honorable mention on the Class A All- State team. Graduating senior players are Hummel, Yung, Cunningham, Ed Polston, H.V. Davenport, Floyd Woods and Billy Simpson. The following players received letters or jackets: High School, Jackie Hummel, Bill Yung, Weldon Cunningham, H.V. Davenport, Jimmy Comacho, Herbert Williams, Wayne Hargraves, Donald Varner, J.L. Barnes, Jimmy Cantrell, Chico Mendoza, Jimmy Cole, Gerald Bagwell, Bobby Justice, Charles Massegee, Al Tune. High School Squadmen: Bill Brazda, Lee Hill, Jerry Rushing, Billy Ferguson, Jack Allen, Billy Moreland, Ed Polston. Junior High Lettermen: Billy Don Browning, John Rush, Eddie Wallace, Zimmerman Sharp, Jerry Simmons, Dan Mitchell, Donald Ray Perrrin, Scott Forney, Joe Dorsey, Nubin Basham, Doyle Gentry, Eddie James, Alfred Black, Stanley McCullum. Jimmy Wheeler, Dickie Getts, Frog Patterson, Cruz Vasquez, Earl Young, Jimmy Littlefield, Bill Herrington, Johnny Carver, Ronald Bush. ----------------------------------------------------------------- MOMS ENTERTAIN UNDEFEATED PUPS WITH BANQUET (Ranger Times) Every player who wore a uniform on the Junior High Pup team this year was honored at a banquet held by the Pups' mothers last Thursday night in the First Baptist Church. Twenty-two Pups were awarded letters. John Boyd Rush acted as toastmaster. Others on the program were G.B. Rush who gave the invocation and Rev. Ralph Perkins who was principal speaker. In behalf of the football team, Mrs. Onis Littlefield presented Coach O.C. Warden with a bouquet of maroon and white, chrysanthemums in the form of goal posts. Program were made up as footballs with the words "Pup Champs" printed on the back. Following the banquet, a dance was held for the Pups and their dates at the Teen Canteen sponsored by Junior High mothers. Special guests were Superintendent and Mrs. G.B. Rush; Principal Coody and his wife; Coach Warden and his wife; Coach Sam Aills and his wife; Dweb Irvin, school teacher, and his wife; Dr. A.W. Brazda, the Pups physician, and wife; Rev. and Mrs. Ralph Perkins. (Newspaper clippings courtesy of Donald Perrin & Donna Perrin Kapacki) 1953 Bulldog State Football Champions