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RHS Class of 1953-50th Reunion Class of 1953-50th Anniversary Class Reunion in 2003 at The Lodge of Granbury, May 2003 (Photo courtesy of Bennye Carraway) (L to R) Back: J.D. Harper. Standing: Chester Parrish, Betty Jo Fry Bennett, Max Wade, Sue Ewing Cook, Bettye Ewing Cross, Jerry Rushing Seated: Virgie Glenn Boatman, Lida Jane Smith Gillespie, Barbara "Babs" Long Baker, Ann Dorris Maxwell, Delores Cox Cheshire, Peggy Russell Blanton and Letty "Pug" Frasier Waters. The Ranger High School Class of 1953 celebrated their Fiftieth Anniversary with a reunion at Granbury on May 3, 2003, where 25 classmates and spouses met at The Lodge of Granbury (on the lake) to have a great time. The classmates who could not join in probably suffered from burning ears for a few days. Some spent the night. Others came just for the day. Some members brought food & munchies (and, oh, yes champagne!) and a collection was taken up to pay for the food and the large meeting room which was reserved for the occasion. Some of the ladies visited the shops in the square. Every- one brought photos and albums of times past or of grandkids and special events in their lives. Some had not seen each other since graduation so it was a "several Kleenex" get-together with lots of shreiks and laughter. Each person gave a little summary of their lives during the past 50 years to bring everyone up-to-date. Almost everyone volunteered to host the 75th reunion but the decision was to meet more often than that. While Saturday was the big day, classmates started gathering on Friday and the first item on the agenda was to decorate the room in maroon and white. The class had Saturday and Sunday brunch to- gether and lunch on Saturday. Friday night, dinner was at Chili's and Saturday night, it was the Chopping Block for BBQ. The big meeting was Saturday at 4:00 p.m. when J.D. Harper was master of ceremonies and Betty Fry received the Distinguished Classmate Award. Betty had moved to Fort Worth as a sophomore but has kept close ties and been one of the class's moversand shakers through the years. Lida Jane, J.D., and Bettye Cross contributed to the above and Babs Baker added: One thing that is so great about Ranger is it doesn't matter whether a student graduated from Ranger or finished at another school. When the three in the 1953 class that concluded their high school years in another school, are asked where they went to school, the answer is Ranger High School. There is something special about a school that generates that feeling. Of course, we all know that Ranger is special. This genial, fun and affectionate gathering was brought about primarily by the efforts of J.D. Harper and Imogene, his fantastic wife. Now, we are looking forward to Homecoming 2004 next year. See you all there. Those attending Reunion include: Barbara "Babs" Long Baker Betty Jo Fry & Lowell Bennett Peggy Lee Russell & Charles "Sonny" Blanton Virgie Mae Glenn & Edward Boatman Delores Cox & Jimmie Cheshire Sue Ewing Cook Bettye Ewing Cross Lida Jane Smith Gillespie & guest, Buddy Hamrick (RHS-1950) J.D. & Imogene (Loper-1954) Harper Ann Dorris Maxwell Delores Hagar & Don Morris Chester C. & Betsy Parrish Jerry & Wynona Rushing Max Ross & Ann Wade Letty Lou Pug Frasier Waters RHS-1953 Homecoming in 1980 RHS-1953 Homecoming in 1980 (enlarge) Names=NA

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