Ranger Exes Memorial-TX - RHS Class of 1954 Chico Mendoza Scholarships

Scholarship awarded annually by the Ranger High School Class of 1954 in honor of Chico Mendoza (RHS-1954) to an outstanding RHS Senior student who has exhibited exceptional academic and leadership skills. Now, after 23 scholarships have been awarded, the program is coming to an end after 2015. Many of the classmates who supported the project with their pocketbooks have passed away. Hopefully, another younger class will pick up on a new one. Class Recipients 1993 Julie Walter 1994 Aaron Pattenaude 1995 Shannon Rogers 1996 Jeffrey Don Rogers 1997 William Paul Hamilton 1998 Andrea Schooling 1999 Allison Schooling 2000 Travis J. Clifton James Whitney Wilson & Robert Freeman 2002/2001 James Whitney Wilson/Robert Freeman Gage Grogan 2003 Gage Grogan Jerry Russell 2004 Jerry J. Russell 2005 William Noth 2006 Mat Wilson 2007 Charlena Lemaster 2008 Joseph Crain 2009 Rickie Shanafelt 2010 Lauren Slaughter Carmern Avila 2011 Carmern Avila 2012 Ashley Slaughter 2013 Kaitlin Olguin 2014 Heather Thomas 2015 Lacey Wilson