Ranger Exes Memorial-TX - RHS Class of 1960 Class Newsletter-2013

Last summer when Nellie Sue Vinson and Terry Warren celebrated their 50th anniversary, I wondered how many of our class had already celebrated, were celebrating, or will celebrate that golden occasion. It is one of the special moments of getting older. I have set off to document a bit about those facts. If I am inaccurate or out of date, I apologize. I am operating from the information that I have at hand, including recent responses. Including children by number and gender seems very logical, but I have not attempted to count all the grandchildren and great-grandchildren. Mike Herrington _________________________________________________________ Don Adams and Charlotte Howton of Ranger were married in 1965. Their 40 plus years ended with divorce. Both died a few years later. They were the parents of two sons and a daughter. Jerry Anderson and Karen Lallier of Southlake celebrated their 34th anniversary in September. Jerry and his first wife Tinka Echols were the parents of one son. Karen brought her son and daughter to the marriage. Walter Blackwell and Candy (Alice) Ward of Carrizo Springs were married in the summer of 1967 in Alpine. I drove across the emptiness of far West Texas from Albuquerque to be at that wedding. They are the parents of two daughters and a son. Jimmy Don Burnett and Gay Nell Blackwell (RHS-1963) of Ranger were married probably in the first year following graduation. They have a son and a daughter. Nancy Cantwell and Horst Krause, a native born son of Germany, are the only ones representing an international marriage. They are the parents of two sons. They live in North Richland Hills. I believe they also married in 1961. Don Chatham and Fern Smith were married in 2003 and now live in Michigan to help with the care of her aging parents. Both Don and Fern have a son from a prior marriage. Thomas Chrestman was living in Glide, Oregon, at the time of our 40th reunion. He and his wife Jeannine came all that that way to join us. They are now in Idaho. Sandra Cooper and Fred Laux were married and living in New Jersey when she died unexpectedly on a trip home to Ranger in 1974. They had no children. Barbara Crabb and Don Delany of Bulverde celebrated their Golden Anniversary this past summer. They are the parents of two daughters and a son. Barbara Craig and Charles Graff were divorced after 30 years of marriage, but as she says, from that marriage come her son and daughter. She lives in Odessa, where as a member of the city council, she is presently serving as mayor pro-tem. Linda Drennan, who married Leroy Yarbrough, died in 1995, just short of 34 years of marriage. She was a much loved school administrator in Kennedale. They were the parents of two sons and a daughter. Norma Gayle Emfinger and Fielding Winchester, now of Bulverde, were married in 1961 on or near her birthday as I recall. They are parents of a daughter and two sons. Robert Fergeson (freshman class president, who moved to Texarkana) married Lynda Jo Thompson in 1966. They have a son and are moving to Wills Point. Bobby Fron and Naomi Bradford (RHS-1964) have been happily married since December 2004. They live in Roanoke. Both had been previously widowed and divorced. Bobby and his first wife, Sharon Cole, were the parents of a daughter and a son. Naomi brings a daughter to the blended family. Pat Graham of San Antonio is the mother of two sons. Her former husband was C.D. “Smokey” Savage. Jerry Don Hamilton married Barbara Wood (a cousin of Charles David Wolford). They live in Layton, Utah, and have one son. Rozelle Hatton and Joe Sklenar had been married 44 years at the time of her death in 2004. Joe and his good friend, Jack Miller (Marinell’s husband), were stationed at Dyess AFB in Abilene and visiting Lake Leon when they met their wives. The Sklenars were the parents of a son and a daughter. Jack Hazard lived in Sweetwater at the time of his death in 1999. He and his wife, the former Shirley Bearden, had one son. Nina Henry is the widow of Bob Tramel and lives in Lubbock. They were married 35 years and had two daughters. Mike Herrington married Margery Koerner of Boulder, Colorado. They are the parents of two sons and a daughter. The marriage ended in divorce just short of 13 years. Mike may have the most unusual and more controversial marriage now after marrying his partner of more than 12 years, Charlie Hardy, in Iowa in June of 2009. Nedra Hodges is essentially an unknown anymore. At one time Marinell was in contact with her brother in Abilene. Her married name is Cummings, and she was once living in Rhododendron, Oregon. Mac Jacoby and Marie DeLeon were married in 1967 and have one daughter. They live in Sachse. Richard Jolly and Jo Ann McDonald were married in 1965 and live in Grand Prairie. They have a son and a daughter. George Koenig’s widow is named Sandra. They had one son. George died in an untimely work-related accident in 1998 in the state of Washington. Sharron O’Donnell Jones and her husband Jerry, then of Roswell, New Mexico, died in a 1983 plane crash while returning from the insurance settlement following their son’s death on a motorcycle. Their grandson was in the same plane. Karen Killingsworth and Don McBride, like others (including me) divorced. They had a son and a daughter. She lives in Hurst. Sally Mendez and Russ Ward of Burleson were married in June 1961. They have a son and a daughter. Homer "Clay" Montgomery and Donna Dubois live in Lake Kiowa. They were married in July of 1963 and celebrated their 50th in 2013. They have three sons and a daughter. Jimmy Needham and Doris Singletery celebrated 50 in 2012. They live in Hempstead and are the parents of a son. Judy Ramsey Oliver probably feels more a part of the Class of 1959 than of ours. She graduated married to an Oliver, and her current married name is Doggett. She lives in Richardson. Carol Phillips and Dale Cozart (RHS-1958) married while she was still in high school. They live in Cisco and have a son and a daughter. Johnny Pirkle, 55, died single in a 1998 auto accident. He was living in Arlington. Buddy Prather, 57, apparently died single in 1997. At the time he lived in Waco. Glenda Rains and Charles Ehninger of Fort Worth may have been among the last of the class to marry. They have no children. Gail Rapp and Jimmy Hagar (RHS-1958), now deceased, were divorced. They had three children—a daughter and boy/girl twins. Gail now lives in Northlake. Sue Rodgers of Ranger was most likely the first widowed when Mickey Craig (RHS-1961) died in 1968, leaving her with two young sons. She later married Randall Rogers and had a daughter. That marriage ended in divorce. R.L. Stuard, her husband, of several years often comes to our reunions. Alfred Rogers of Austin remains single. Douglas Rogers and Sharon Brown (RHS-1965) of Brownwood married in 1970. They have two sons and a daughter. Kathy Rogers and her husband, Harold Bowen, have made more than one long trip to reunions. They have two sons and a daughter plus Harold’s daughter by another marriage. They live in Gasburg, Virginia. They celebrated their Golden Anniversary in May of 2012. Mary Kay Rush had just separated from Dean Faulkenberry after 29 years at the time of our 30th reunion. She later married Jack Neeley. She and Dean had a son and a daughter. Jack has a son and a daughter. Marinell Shockey and Jack Miller of Abilene celebrated their 50th in 2010. She was one of the first to marry after graduation. They are the parents of a son and twin daughters. Jack was in the USAF with Joe Sklenar, Rozelle’s husband. Rita Sipes of Cross Plains has been married twice. She lost her only child--a son, Michael Shawn Franks—in 2010 in a tragic farm construction accident. Jimmie Stroud and Jackie Williams (RHS-1959) of Ranger were married in the first few weeks after graduation. She was widowed in 1997 and has two daughters and a son. Bill Stuart and his wife, the former Kay Benton, were married in 1980. Now retired and continuing to live in Steamboat Springs, CO, they have no children. Rita Underwood and Bob McLerran were married in October 1962. They are the parents of three sons and maintain a home in Springtown, though they travel a lot in their RV and plan to visit all 57 national parks. Frances Veale of Abilene died at age 43, single. Nellie Sue Vinson and Terry Warren celebrated their Golden Anniversary this past summer. They are the parents of a son and a daughter and now live in Eastland. Patsy Vinson and Jimmy Martin of Buffalo Gap have been married close to, if not, 50 years. They are the parents of a son and a daughter. Marilyn Warden of Dallas was married to Bert Young (RHS-1961). They had a daughter but divorced. Marilyn’s husband Ray Cundiff has been a regular at our reunions for many years. Nancy Warren, who works in the District of Columbia, married Bob James in recent years. They live in suburban Maryland. Voncille Wells and Coleman Williamson were married for 44 years at the time of his death in 2004. She continues to live in Ranger. They were the parents of two sons and a daughter. Charles White of Ranger is divorced from Dorothy Ann Oliver (RHS-1967). They had a son. She later married Mike Fisher (RHS-1961). Jerry Wilson and our honorary classmate Betsy Johnson were married in 1982. They are the parents of two sons. By his first wife Rita Parks (RHS-1965) Jerry had both a son and a daughter. Jerry has continued to work his family farm/ranch north of town all these years. _________________________________________________________