Ranger Exes Memorial-TX - RHS Class of 1960 Young School

Young School in 1954 RHS-1960-6th grade at Young school in 1954/55 (enlarge) Fourth row (L-R): Robert Don Hodges, Wilburn Dawson, Douglas Rogers, Robert Fergeson, Walter Hutchins, Jimmy Hamilton, Alfred Rogers, & Joyce Johnson. Third row (L-R): Bill Ables, James Boyvey, Tommy Ford, Carol Phillips, Nellie Sue Vinson, Barbara Crabb, Rita Underwood, Nancy Warren, Phyllis Jean Getts, & Mrs. Cozette Penney. Second row (L-R): Jerry Rhodes, Charles Harper, Mac Jacoby, Earl Reeves, Glenda Rains, Patsy Vinson, Sue Rodgers, Betty Vinson, & Lola Fay Weems. Front row (L-R): Jack Hazard, W.L. Fonville, Ronnie Wynn, Charles White, Roy Gene Ainsworth, Jerry Don Hamilton, Douglas Brown, Mary Judy Getts, Martha Whitehead, & Margaret Obel.

Young School in 1953 RHS-1960-5th grade at Young school in 1953/54 (enlarge) Fourth row (L-R): Richard Jolly, Robert Fergeson, Wilburn Dawson, Joyce Johnson, Barbara Crabb, Carol Phillips, ? , & Phyllis Jean Getts. Third row (L-R): Douglas Rogers, Charles Harper, Jimmy Hamilton, Alfred Rogers, Gilbert Nail?, Walter Hutchins, Tommy Ford, Roy Gene Ainsworth, & Bill Ables. Second row (L-R): Earl Reeves, Jerry Don Hamilton, Ronnie Wynn, Mac Jacoby, James Boyvey, Douglas Brown, W.L. Fonville, ? , Charles White, Jerry Rhodes, Mrs. Addie Harris. Front row (L-R): Nancy Warren, Margaret Obel, Martha Whitehead, Mary Judy Getts, Rita Underwood, Nellie Sue Vinson, Glenda Rains, Patsy Vinson, Cleota Huckaby, & Sue Rodgers.

Playground at Young School in 1954 Playground at Young School in 1954 (enlarge) Top row (L-R): Martha Whitehead, Jeanie Getts, Joyce Johnson, Glenda Raines, Betty Vinson. Seated (L-R): Margaret Obel, Carol Phillips, Nellie Sue Vinson, Patsy Vinson.

Playground at Young School Playground at Young School (enlarge) Left: Mrs. H.L. Coody (wife of the high school principal, taught at both Young and Hodges). Right: Mrs. Cozette Penny (6th grade teacher).

Playground at Young School in 1954 RHS-1960-Young School in 1954 (enlarge) L-R: Mrs. Cozette Penny, Mr. Morris Jeffries (Principal), & Mrs. Addie Harris (5th grade teacher).

Playground at Young School in 1954 Playground at Young School in 1954 (enlarge) Front(L-R): Mac Jacoby, James Boyvey, ?, ?. Back (L-R): includes Douglas Rogers, Jerry Hamilton, Tommy Ford, Earl Reeves, Jack Hazard, Douglas Brown, Wilburn Dawson, Walter Hutchins, Bill Ables.

Playground at Young School in 1954 (enlarge) Top: Jeanne Getts & Mary Judy Getts. Bottom: Martha Whitehead & Margaret Obel. (Photos courtesy of Alfred Rogers) RHS-1960 Faculty at Young School: First grade: Mrs. Cottie Woods Second grade: Miss Jonnie Young Third grade: Mrs. Clara Landers Fourth grade: Mrs. Lorene Oliver Fifth grade: Mrs. Addie Harris Sixth grade: Mrs. Cozette Penney Principal: Mr. Hancock & Morris Jeffries Janitor: Harry Deal.