Ranger Exes Memorial - The Faculty

G.B. Rush GARRISON BOYD RUSH, 85, died Feb. 8, 1994 at Fort Worth, TX, with interment in the Laurel Land Lawn Crypt at Crowley, TX. He was born on July 7, 1908, in Clay County. He graduated from San Marcos University with a bachelor degree and a masters degree from State University in Greeley, CO. He was an educator for 43 years, including coach of athletics, high school principal in Midland and superintendent of schools in Ranger, TX and business manager of Everman Schools from 1965 till retirement in 1973. He lived in Everman since 1965. His parents were George Barron and Martha Ayres Rush. His wife was Clytie Ruth Rush. He had a son, Dr. John B. Rush (RHS-1955), a daughter, Mary Kay Rush (RHS- 1960), a brother, Eli Rush, & four grandchildren.