Ranger Exes Memorial - RHS Class of 1943 RJC, The Faculty

Jo Oyler Patterson MARTHA JO OYLER PATTERSON died on Dec. 7, 1993 & was the daughter of Mae Bell Oyler, Retail Merchants Association Secretary, and Mace Oyler. She attended Ranger High School in the Class of 1943 at Ranger, TX. Her brother, Mace Oyler, was a member of RHS- 1945. She was also a granddaughter of Mrs. Maggie Masters, who had the boarding house on Main Street, & Abraham Masters. She returned to Ranger High School to teach after her college work and specialized in speech, also directing the junior & senior class plays. Jo married Dr. Thomas V. Patterson, a pediatrician, and they lived in Denton, TX, where he practiced and where they are buried. He died in 1998. Jo's parents and grandparents are buried in the Davidson Cemetery between Strawn & Mingus.