Ranger Exes Memorial - The Faculty

Pattie King PATTY BETH BASS KING was a teacher at Ranger High School. in Ranger, TX. She grew up in Abilene. Her father, Dr. Bass was responsible for starting the Abilene State School, which at the time, specialized in patients who had seizures. She graduated from Abilene High School and later graduated from Southern Methodist University. She had both a school teaching certificate and an x-ray technicians certificate. Later in her life, she used them both. She married Momon Lee "M.L." King in Abilene in 1929. About 1929 they opened a Dr. Pepper Bottling Company in Strawn and later moved the company to Ranger. They had two children while they were living in Strawn but the children were born in Abilene. Sara Beth King was in the RHS Class of 1953 & Momon Lee King, Jr., was in the Class of 1959. Patty was primarily a homemaker until her husband developed poor health and so she started teaching English at Ranger High School. She was especially active in her church, First United Methodist of Ranger and in several civic activities. She died in June of 1963 after a courageous battle with cancer. Her last year of teaching, she was nothing short of heroic in dealing with the disease while finishing the school year. HUSBAND: MOMON LEE "M.L." KING, SR., grew up in Crawford, TX, where he completed high school there and graduated from a business school in Waco. While working as a salesman for an athletic company he met & married Patty Beth Bass of Abilene and they had two children. Shortly after their wedding, they moved to Strawn where he opened up a Dr. Pepper Bottling plant. After moving the plant to Ranger, M.L. King, as plant owner, donated the scoreboard for the football field at Bulldog Stadium and it was the scoreboard there for many years even after Mr. King gave up the Dr Pepper business because of health problems. He operated the King's Cove drive-in restaurant for a number of years until his health again intervened. He had started a small casualty insurance agency shortly before his death on Dec. 24, 1962.