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oldpic127 Downtown Christmas parade in 1956. World War II has ended and times are better.

oldpic58 Welcome Ranger Exes sign in 1994. Laverne Jacoby (RHS-1940) made and stitched the sign.

oldpic100 Girls Auxiliary (GA) at Second Baptist Church in Ranger Back row: Tawana Nichols, Carolyn Dempsey, Sharon Sutton, Lynda Noth. Front Row: Jolene Willams, Linda White, Neva Nichols, ?, Beverly Sutton, ?, Jane Ann Bradford, & Eileen Noth.

oldpic101 Girls Auxiliary at Second Baptist Church in Ranger Front row: Neva Nichols, Eileen Noth, and ? Back row: Jane Ann Bradford, Kitty Goodwin, Tawana Nichols, Lynda Noth, Carolyn Dempsey, Ellen Cozart, and Linda White.

oldpic130 FIRST METHODIST CHURCH in Ranger, Texas 1949 Kindergarten Sunday School Class Back Row (seated): Sterling Price “Skipper” Crawley III, Nancy Boen, Claudia Binyon, ? Shepherd, Tony Maddox Third Row (seated): Celeste Scott, John Hopper, David Mahaffey, Ray Newnham, Patricia Townzen, Johnnie Rainwater Second Row (seated): Sylvia Robinson (her mother, Mrs. Archie (Blanche) Robinson is holding her hand), James Ratliff II, Joe Clark Owenby, Jimmie Boone, Sandra Hulen, Martha Jean Phillips Front Row (seated): Ricky Thomas, Bill Redwine Standing in back is Miss Mary Koehler (teacher) holding L.H. Pounds

oldpic131 Texas Electric Service Co. in Ranger

oldpic132 Downtown Ranger in the 1980s looking east

oldpic139 Frigid Queen in 1954. Tollie Norton (cook) on the right.

Recital picture at Young School Recital picture at RJC Back Row L to R: Betty Lou Hagaman; DenaLois Pulley, Dianne Ervin Plumley; Joyce Dempsey; Cevellia Woods, June Drinkard; Mary Ann Elder; Lilla Jean Brown, Piano Teacher. Front row L to R: John Boyd Rush, Bill Creager, Brenda Brooks, John Hagaman, Howard Oliver; Mary Kay Rush; and Annabeth Deffebach.

Brownie troop in 1949/50 Brownie troop in 1949/50 (enlarge) Back row: Mary (Tony) Fergeson, leader-mother of Lynda Fergeson McQuaid (RHS-1958), Jackie Bowen (RHS-1956), Janice Carter (RHS- 1956), Rosemarie Sawyer (RHS-1956), ?. Front row: Donna Blackwell (RHS-1956), Irene Harrison (RHS-1956), Elizabeth Seymour (RHS-1957), ?, ?, Fayrene Box (RHS-1958), Betty Miller (RHS-1957).

Downtown Ranger in 1970 Downtown Ranger in 1970 looking west