Ranger Exes Memorial - RHS Class of 1954

Tommy Hinds TOMMY HINDS, 58, was in the Ranger High School Class of 1954 at Ranger, TX and played End, jersey number 43, on the Ranger Bulldog State Champion team during the school year 1953-1954, the only Ranger football team ever to win a state title. Tommy was born Oct. 15, 1935. He had 2 brothers, Paul Hinds (RHS-1957) who was also on the Champion team & Ronnie Hinds (RHS-1964), & a sister Mary Hinds Horton (RHS-1956). Tommy was named an All- District player for his outstanding play that season. Tommy and Chico Mendoza went to TCU on football scholarships. He was injured his freshman year & then transferred to Midwestern. He excelled in football and was good in basketball & baseball. Tommy married Maryann Eilenberger of San Diego, CA. Maryann was the National Jr. Singles Tennis Champion in 1953-54. They met at Midwestern University & moved to San Diego for a few years and then to Joshua, TX. Tommy worked for Lockheed as a machinist in Fort Worth until his death. Tommy died on Oct. 17, 1993, two days after his 58th birthday. He was diagnosed with diabetes for a few years before his death. He and Maryann had bought a farm in Wilson, OK, where they had planned to retire. He came home from work on Friday night, checked his blood sugar which was OK, ate supper and went to bed. He died in his sleep of an apparent heart attack. He was buried at Wilson. He had two sons Mark and Brian. They both were good basketball players in high school.