Ranger Exes Memorial - RHS Class of 1958 RJC

Don Wier DONALD KENNETH WIER, 21, was born on Sept. 10, 1940, the son of Maxine Henderson & Dr. David Wier (RHS-1925) and the grandson of Dr. A.K. Wier. He came to Ranger to finish his schooling, transferring from Spokane, Washington, and graduated in 1958 from Ranger High School at Ranger, TX. He played in the band and a member of the stage crew for the senior and the all- school plays. In Oct. of 1958 he and his friend, Duke Dixon (RHS-1955) joined the U.S. Army together and went through basic training in Colorado and on to Fort Gordon, GA, together. There they were separated and Duke Dixon went to Korea and Donald went to Europe. Donald was released from the Army in 1961 and enrolled in Ranger Jr. College. He was killed in an automobile accident on Nov. 27, 1961. He is buried along with his parents in DeLeon, TX. He is survived by a sister, Mary Ellen Wier.