Ranger Exes Memorial-TX - Ranger schools Senior Trips at RHS

Prade Guest Ranch The senior trip is one of the last events to take place before students graduate from high school. It may be the last time many classmates share time together before leaving for college, military, or employment. For some classmates, it is the first time being away from home except for visiting relatives. Senior trips may have started at RHS in the late 1940s. Earlier senior classes may have taken short one day trips to places like Cisco Lake. Ranch Day at RHS was an event in the early 1950s which may have influenced senior trips going to dude ranches. It was a day hosted by Ranger Junior College of western fun and frolic with contests like tobacco-spitting, hog-calling, ugliest-man, and prettiest-girl. The day ended with a Bar-B-Q dinner. During the 1950s, a favorite spot for senior trips was Prade Ranch. It was located on the West Frio River & Farm Road 336, north of Leakey in north central Real County. The site was converted to a resort ranch in 1935 and included 10,000 acres in the Frio Canyon with 100 miles of scenic trails in the Hill Country. The guest ranch provided horseback riding, swimming, recreation hall with juke-box, organized games, and a cook-out by the river. The swimming pool was spring-fed. The ranch is now a private residence and the guest ranch closed many years ago. It appears that the tradition of the senior trip was discontinued at RHS after 1985. Trips now could be short tours of nearby colleges. Listed below are places that RHS classes went on their senior trip. Class Senior Trip 1949 Galveston, beach, Coronado Courts 1950 Galveston, beach 1951 Galveston, beach 1953 Prade Ranch, Leakey, TX 1954 Ranch Day, Prade Ranch, Leakey, TX 1955 Ranch Day, Flying L Ranch, Bandera, TX 1956 Prade Ranch, Leakey, TX 1957 Prade Ranch, Leakey, TX 1958 Prade Ranch, Leakey, TX 1959 Prade Ranch, Leakey, TX 1960 Prade Ranch, Leakey, TX 1961 Prade Ranch, Leakey, TX 1962 Prade Ranch, Leakey, TX 1963 Prade Ranch, Leakey, TX 1964 Prade Ranch, Leakey, TX 1965 Heart of the Hills Inn 1966 Flying L Ranch, Bandera, TX 1967 Flying L Ranch, Bandera, TX 1968 Hemis Fair, San Antonio, TX 1969 Bar K Ranch 1970 Dude ranch 1971 Dude ranch 1972 Not listed in yearbook 1973 Not listed in yearbook 1974 Not listed in yearbook 1976 Not listed in yearbook 1977 Landa Resort, New Braunfels, TX 1978 Six Flags, tour of Dallas, Forum 303, & Texas Ranger baseball game 1979 Galveston, Houston, NASA, Astroworld, Astrodome, deep sea- fishing, Uncle Sam's disco 1980 New Orleans, Inn on Bourbon St., Jackson Square, Cafe de Monde, cruise on Natchez, & Pontchartrain Beach 1981 San Antonio, San Jose Mission, Riverwalk, Lone Star Brewery, Buckhorn Hall of Horns, Melodrama Theater, Magic Time Machine, Institute of Texas Cultures, Lone Star Wax Museum, Brackenridge Park, Sunken Gardens, Tower of Americas, Mexican Market, & Mi Tierra 1982 Skiing at Angel Fire, NM 1983 Puerto Vallarta 1985 Not listed in yearbook, deep sea fishing 1986 Not listed in yearbook 1987 Not listed in yearbook 1988 Not listed in yearbook 1989 Not listed in yearbook 1990 Not listed in yearbook 1991 Not listed in yearbook 1992 Not listed in yearbook 1994 Not listed in yearbook, no trip Senior trips 1956 - Prade Ranch 1965 - Heart of the Hills Inn Senior trips 1966 - Flying L Ranch 1980 - New Orleans Senior Trips 1981 - San Antonio 1982 - Skiing in New Mexico Comments about 1953: Dude Ranch. Prade Ranch in Kerrville, Tx for 4 days. Everyone had a wonderful time. The Charter Bus was full. Bettye Cross Comments about 1951: THE CLASS OF 51 WENT TO GALVESTON FOR THEIR SENIOR TRIP. WE TOOK A BUS, HAD A FEW PROBLEMS THAT COACH AILS, OUR CHAPERON, CORRECTED ,I.E. BEER BEING CONSUMED. WE STAYED IN A HOTEL ON THE BEACH. AT THAT TIME IN GALVESTON, THEY HAD GAMBLING ON A PEER , I DON'T THINK ANY ONE WAS PERMITTED IN THE CASINO. WE HAD FUN ON THE BEACH, ETC. MY MEMORY HAS GONE SOUTH, CAN'T REMEMBER MUCH MORE. THANKS. JACK HUMMEL RHS-1949_Senior Trip RHS-1959_Senior Trip