Ranger Exes Memorial-TX - Ranger schools School history

First school in Eastland County & old RHS 1855 - First school built in Eastland County near Colony Creek. 1881 - Private school opened in Ranger by Mrs. Vincen Heller. 1882 - Public Free School opened in Ranger. 1883 - Thirty-eight schools established in Eastland County. 1885 - Ranger incorporated for school purposes. 1889 - Two-story frame building served the community. Newspaper ad 1905 - First brick Ranger High School built. 1917 - Central Ward School served as grade school. 1919 - Construction started on Cooper School, Young School, & Tiffin School. 1921 - St. Rita's Parochial School opened. 1922 - RHS Rampager football team 1922 - Ranger High School construction began near downtown. 1923 - Bullock School built north of Ranger. 1924 - Ranger High School Band organized. 1926 - Hodges Oak Park Ward School built. 1926 - Slaughter Ward Grammar School opened for African- American students. 1926 - Ranger Junior College opened. 1934 - Tiffin school torn down & bricks used for Rec. Building. 1935 - Lighted football field built. 1942 - 12th grade added to high school. Nine independent school districts in Eastland County: Carbon, Cisco, Desdemona, Eastland, Gorman, Olden, Pioneer, Ranger and Rising Star. 1948 - Cooper school building became part of Ranger Junior College. 1952 - St. Rita's Catholic School closed after 30 years. 1952 - Bullock School closed after 29 years. 1953 - Ranger Bulldogs won State Championship. 1957 - Ranger schools integrated and Slaughter School closed. 1978 - New RISD school complex built east of town. 1978 - Young school closed (building remains today). 1979 - Demolition of old Ranger High School 1991 - Carbon school system moved to Eastland. 2003 - Five school systems left in Eastland County: Cisco, Eastland, Gorman, Ranger and Rising Star. 2021 - Ranger football program changes to 6-man. College-Ranger Junior Ranger High School (present) (1923-1978) (1905-1922) Football Schedule & Scores Kid Day at RHS Ranger Exes Association RHS Band RHS Cheerleaders RHS Drum Majors RHS Flag Corps RHS Honors RHS Majorettes RHS Principals RHS School song RHS Senior Trips Scholarships Available Scholarships Awarded RISD School Board RISD Superintendents School-Cooper School-Hodges Oak Park Ward School-Slaughter Ward Grammar School-Tiffin School-Young Sport stadiums in Ranger