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[ 1 ] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] photo118 Main Street in downtown Ranger during the 1940s. The oil boom is long gone but Ranger is still a busy town. World War II started with the attack on Pearl Harbor and many of the young people of Ranger joined the arm services with some dropping out of school. Ranger made many sacrifices to help the war effort.

oldpic59 WWII Soldiers in 1943, Ward home, Donald Ward & horse Tony in background

oldpic70 Military wives during the 1940s Back Row: Mildred Fern Mitchell Kribbs, _?_, , Helen Patterson Wright, _?_Betty Jo Ingram Noth, _?_, Polly Seymour Blackwell, Punky Arterburn Front Row: Doris Mitchell Robinson (Teacher), Joy Joyner Jones, Jane Martin, Margaret Jo McCleskey Berry (Class of '39), Mary Claude Blacklock, Yvonne Kribbs Gallagher, _?_, _?_

oldpic60 Roberta Landtroop & Mary Ward, Ft Worth in 1943

photo119 Ranger High School in the winter. This building was built in 1922 and used until 1978. The Senior Class of 1977 was the last class to graduate from this facility.

photo121 Summer days at the Willow Park swimming pool. Jack Waddington (RHS-1949) & Johnny Marlow (RHS-1950)

photo123 Cooper school built before 1925 and was the second of the four grade schools built to be closed. After being vacant for years, Ranger Junior College moved their offices and classrooms to it in 1948. After a number of years of service, it was torn down.

photo124 Downtown Ranger in the 1940s. Oil derrick was erected for the 10 yr. Oil Jubilee in 1927, blew down in 1952.

photo131 Downtown Ranger in 1947 after record snow fall

oldpic08 Main Street in Ranger during the 1940s

oldpic126 Downtown Ranger on January 3, 1947