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[1] [2] [3] [ 4 ] [5] [6] oldpic168 Downtown Ranger in the 1940s

Photos courtesy of Mike Herrington oldpic140 In 1946, several Ranger Jaycees (civic leaders) backed the building of the new rodeo arena. They traveled with Phelton Herrington (resident rodeo performer) in caravans to nearby towns to promote the opening of the rodeo. Pictured (L-R): Price Crawley, James Ratliff, Arthur Deffebach, Jim Morris, Hall Walker, Howard Oliver, & Phelton Herrington.

oldpic146 Outstanding albino quarter horse stallion, Bud, owned by Dr. P.M Kuykendall and trained by Phelton Herrington, ultimately performed as both a roping horse and a barrel racer (with Helen Bradford), two rather different sorts of skills.

oldpic141 Fat Herrington on Bud shown roping a large Brahma calf in the rodeo arena. This specific photo was used for many years in advertising the rodeo.

oldpic142 Phelton Herrington practicing roping on the property belonging to Sig Faircloth on Strawn Road not far from Young School. The horse is Billy, an extra tall sorrel gelding.

oldpic143 Rodeo parade showing Phelton and Mike Herrington (on Pluto) in front of the Paramount Hotel around 1948/49.

oldpic144 Mike Herrington on Shorty circling one of the pivots (a mounted flag bearer) in the grand entry of the rodeo around 1946.

oldpic145 Phelton, Mike, & Eddie Ray Herrington shown in 1952 with caged hen laying operation. At one point, the operation expanded to almost a 1,000 hens plus a dairy of some 35 cows. This photo was an advertising promotions for Purina Feeds and Ratliff's Feed & Seed. The laying operation was under the guidance of Joe Scott (Shel McDowell's son-in-law), Purina's area rep.

oldpic147 Mike Herrington catching a pig in the greased pig scramble at the rodeo. This event of winning a Jersey heifer was sponsored by Beverly Dudley through the FFA at the high school.

oldpic148 Phelton Herrington and one of his most prized possessions, a bay quarter horse stallion named Dumplin that he raised from a foal and trained to be an top roping horse.

oldpic151 In the 1950 rodeo parade Phelton Herrington holds his 12-month-old son Eddie Ray as they pass the Paramount Hotel. They are on Dumplin. Son Mike is on Socks, a black mare. Behind them are Rudy Wells and son Donald Ray, also of rural Ranger. The boys are dressed in matching red and gray western shirts made by their grandmother Frona Ames.