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[1] [2] [ 3 ] [4] [5] [6] oldpic135 Downtown Ranger in the 1940s

oldpic60 H.G. Adams Grocery & Market in 1946

oldpic61 Ranger Rodeo - Shorty Ricker kicks Bubbies for first money

oldpic62 Ranger Rodeo Parade - Mary Ward & Nita Hill in 1947

oldpic63 Ranger Rodeo Calvacade in 1947 Abilene Mary Ward & Verge Johnson

oldpic64 Ford car given away at Ranger Rodeo in 1947

oldpic221 Lone Star Chicken Inn (3 miles east of Ranger on Hwy 80) during 1949-52

oldpic67 Representatives at District meet in 1941 Back row: John L. McKevain & Joe Don Meroney, Boys' Debate, First Place in County, District, and Regional; Miss Avis McKelvain, Coach; Billie Jean Gorman & Claudine Jarvis, Girls' Debate, First Place in County and District, Second in Regional. Front row: Dorothy Henry, Girls' Extenporaneous Speaking, Second Place: Jane Matthews, Declamation; State and Division Winner in Americanism contest sponsored by the American Legion; Doris Mathena, Typing Contest, First Place.

oldpic163 Downtown Ranger in 1947 after a snow storm

oldpic71 Group at Club House FRONT ROW: Third from left - Jo Burch (Gray),Seventh from left - Doris Robinson, Eighth from left - Alla Ray Kuykendall Morris, Tenth from left - Delbert Capps SECOND ROW: Second from left - Gaston Dixon, fourth from left, Nick Crawford, Seventh from left - Arthur Deffebach THIRD ROW: Far left - Bernadine Kribbs Blue, Fifth from left - Theo Steadham

oldpic72 Homecoming 1937 parade on Thursday, October 27. The man is Mr. Hamilton, Mrs. Ruth Terry Denney is the Pioneer Lady on the horse-drawn 'float' representing the 'Pioneer Lady' which is a statue showing the early pioneer spirit of women, located in Ponca City, Oklahoma. Holding Mrs. Denney's hand is 5 year-old Meredith Sides, Class of 1949, and that is Mrs. Gholson in black to the right. The parade was forming North of the oil derrick on Commerce Street, preparing to go West on Main Street. Photo courtesy of Meredith Sides

oldpic73 First fire in Ranger Oil Field

oldpic74 Downtown Ranger in the late 1940s