Ranger Exes Memorial-TX - Updates: 2024

Updated Section Additions/Changes ECM=Eastland County Memorial 06.09.24 website updates on hold until June 19th 06.09.24 1957 added memorial page for Charles E. Bonney (d. 05/14/2024) 06.09.24 RJC added Charles Bonney (RHS-1957, RJC-1959) 06.09.24 ECM added Christina Arther South (d. 02/29/2024, EHS-1951) 06.09.24 email added MRU for Bill Brian (RHS-1959) - removed 06.08.24 ECM added Jimmy Dean Rodgers (d. 05/30/2024, GHS-1955) 06.07.24 RJC added Thomas McLemore (d. 05/30/2024, RJC-1970s) - Obituary 06.06.24 ECM added David Miller Freeman (d. 06/04/2024, LTR of Gorman) 06.06.24 schools updated page on Scholarships Awarded 06.05.24 RJC added James Morgan Mason (d. 5/31/2024, RJC- 1960s) - Obituary 06.04.24 ECM added Frank Bryson Bussey (d. 06/2024, LTR of Gorman) 06.03.24 RJC added Dale Read (d. 06/01/2024, RJC-1950s) - Obituary 06.02.24 others added information on Beverly Whites Simmons (d. 05/25/2024) to her husband's page, Robert Simmons (RHS-1960) 06.01.24 ECM added Lisa Gordon Moore (d. 05/23/2024, CJC) 05.31.24 website backed up main website files 05.31.24 RJC added Linda Noth Cockburn (RHS-1965) 05.31.24 others added Janet Escue Eaton (d. 05/22/2024, wife of Clinton Eaton (RHS-1971) - Obituary 05.30.24 1965 added memorial page for Linda Noth Cockburn 05.30.24 ECM added William Sidney Herridge (d. 05/16/2024, EHS-1965, veteran) 05.29.24 1965 added deceased for Linda Noth Cockburn (d. 05/28/2024) 05.28.24 ECM added Donna Stewart Machen (d. 05/13/2024, LTR of Eastland County) 05.27.24 ECM added 2024 to page on Cisco HS Graduates 05.27.24 ECM added William Douglas Bell (d. 05/18/2024, LTR of Cisco) 05.26.24 ECM added 2024 to page on Eastland HS Graduates 05.26.24 1984 added deceased for Clifton Holbrook (no obit found) 05.25.24 ECM added 2024 to page on Rising Star HS Graduates 05.25.24 veterans added Herman Oscar Holbrook (others) 05.24.24 class2025 created a page for the RHS Class of 2025 05.24.24 ECM added 2024 to page on Gorman HS Graduates 05.23.24 others added Herman Oscar Holbrook (d. 05/16/2024, brother to RHS Exes, LTR of Ranger) - Obituary 05.23.24 schools updated page on Superintendents of RISC 05.22.24 class2024 updated senior roster for the Class of 2024 05.22.24 honors updated list of honor graduates for 2024 on page for RHS Honors 05.20.24 email added email address for Nina Henry Tramel (RHS-1960) 05.20.24 ECM added Larry Strube (d. 05/15/2024, LTR of Eastland County) 05.19.24 ECM added Maris Escobedo Montano (d. 05/15/2024, LTR of Eastland) 05.18.24 ECM added Corene Rae Ries (d. 05/14/2024, LTR of Eastland 05.17.24 ECM added Ruby Carter Hatton (d. 05/12/2024, LTR of Eastland County) 05.16.24 ECM added Brianna Frazier Ethridge (d. 05/07/2024, LTR of Cisco) 05.16.24 emails added MRU for Zack Wesley (RHS-1991) & removed address 05.15.24 1968 replace one pic on page on Rudy Mendoza 05.15.24 others added information on Trinidad Camacho Mendoza to her daughter's page, Julia (RHS-1963) 05.14.24 1968 added memorial page for Rudy Mendoza (d. on 05/09/2024) 05.14.24 faculty added Rudy Mendoza (RHS Coach) 05.13.24 ECM added Shannon Dale Lefevere (d. 05/10/2024, CJC) 05.12.24 RJC added Billy Allen Baker (d. 03/15/2024, taught at RJC) 05.11.24 others moved page on Don Eddleman to his wife's page, Beverley Gailey Eddleman (RHS-1956) 05.10.24 RJC added James V. McDonald (d. 04/30/2024, RJC faculty) - Obituary 05.10.24 others added James V. McDonald (LTR of Ranger, RISD Board member) 05.09.24 1962 added Joan Brister Thayer (d. 04/28/2024) 05.08.24 ECM added Bill Mundy (d. 04/26/2024, CJC) 05.07.24 ECM added Michael Henry Johnson (d. 04/16/2024, LTR of Cisco) 05.06.24 ECM added Joe W. Taylor (d. 04/29/2024, worked 20 yrs. at Eastland National Bank 05.05.24 1956 added memorial page for Beverley Gailey Eddleman (d. 04/26/2024) 05.04.24 ECM added Kathy Burk Ward (d. 04/29/2024, CJC) 05.04.24 ECM added Billie Lorene Garrison (d. 04/28/2024, CJC) 05.03.24 1973 added memorial page for Jo Blackwell Hooks (d. 05/01/2024) 05.02.24 ECM added Marie Taylor Starr (d. 04/22/2024, CHS-1966) 05.01.24 ECM added Joy Sharp Archer (d. 04/29/2024, EHS-1985) 04.30.24 website backed up main website files 04.27.24 ECM added Izaac Lawrenzo Perez (d. 04/25/2024, EHS-2027) 04.25.24 others added James D. Wilhelm (d. 04/20/2024, son of Richard Wilhelm of RHS-1961) - Obituary 04.24.24 ECM added Lou Jane Walker Davis (d. 04/20/2024, CHS-1955, CJC) 04.21.24 ECM added Frances Foster Fuller (d. 04/17/2024, CHS-1963) 04.20.24 1978 added memorial page for Janice Evans Day (d. 03/28/2024) 04.19.24 ECM added Etta Lewis Rodgers (d. 04/16/2024, DHS-1959) 04.17.24 RJC added A.W. Allen (d. 04/14/2024, RJC-1950s) - Obituary 04.17.24 veterans added A.W. Allen (RJC) 04.16.24 ECM added Odis Lee Skinner (d. 04/14/2024, LTR of Carbon) 04.13.24 ECM added James Randall Rust (d. 04/09/2024, CHS- 1973, CJC) 04.10.24 others added information on Anita Griffin Black (d. 04/05/2024) to her husband's page, Loran Black (RHS-1948) 04.06.24 ECM added Annie Alldredge Fox (d. 04/05/2024, LTR of Eastland Cty) 04.05.24 1961 added memorial page for Carolyn Reed Ludwig (d. 04/02/2024) 04.04.24 ECM added Verda Spurlen Eaves (d. 03/30/2024, LTR of Eastland Cty) 04.03.24 ECM added Gregory Scott Jones (d. 03/28/2024, LTR of Cisco) 04.02.24 ECM added Mary Boothe Beaty (d. 03/28/2024, LTR of Eastland & business owner) 04.01.24 ECM added Robert Merrel Webb Jr. (d. 03/28/2024, Eastland city judge, veteran) 04.01.24 website backed up main website files 03.31.24 1972 added a memorial page for Ricki Hughes 03.30.24 1972 added deceased for Ricki Hughes (d. 03/27/2024) 03.30.24 others added Rita Sanches Gomez (d. 03/26/2024, grew up in Ranger & attended St. Rita's school) - Obit 03.27.24 class1982 added kindergarten pic to the page for the Class of 1982 03.26.24 ECM added Estillee Jones Espinoza (d. 03/21/2024, LTR of Carbon) 03.22.24 ECM added Brenda Spencer Clearley (d. 03/15/2024, taught at Cisco schools) 03.21.24 ECM added Willis Newnham Barnett (d. 03/04/2024, EHS-1961) 03.20.24 others added information on Billy Baker (d. 03/15/2024) to his wife's page, Barbara Long (RHS-1953) 03.19.24 ECM added David M. Gwinn (d. 03/13/2024, worked at Mae's Meats in Eastland) 03.17.24 ECM added Timothy Scott Duncan (d. 03/12/2024, CJC) 03.16.24 ECM added Diana Williams Davis (d. in 2009, CJC) 03.13.24 ECM added Jack Walker (d. 03.08.2024, CJC) 03.10.24 1963 added a memorial page for Jimmy Lee Hogan 03.09.24 1963 added deceased for Jimmy Hogan (d. 03/05/2024) 03.08.24 class2024 updated faculty list for the Class of 2024 03.05.24 ECM added Donna Ford Bailey (d. 02/27/2024, LTR of Eastland) 03.01.24 2001 added memorial page for Virginia Murray 02.29.24 2001 added deceased for Virginia Murray (d. 02/23/2024) 02.29.24 website backed up main website files 02.29.24 ECM added Manuel Herrera Ramirez (d. 02/08/2024, LTR of Gorman) 02.28.24 1961 added memorial page for Hilary Vasquez (d. on 02/24/2024) 02.27.24 1991 updated page on Jason D. Owens with obit 02.27.24 RJC added Jason D. Owens (RHS-1991, d. in 1997) 02.24.24 ECM added Ronald E. Kearns (d. 02/22/2024, LTR of Cisco) 02.23.24 website added code to make for a better display on a cell phone 02.23.24 ECM added Marion Vorel Martens (d. 01/22/2024, LTR of Eastland) 02.22.24 1988 updated page on Candice Eaton Khatib with obit 02.21.24 ECM added Mary Alice Applin Miner (d. 02/13/2024, LTR of Gorman) 02.20.24 ECM added Larry Helton (d. 02/10/2024, LTR of Cisco) 02.19.24 ECM added Jesse Calvin Tankersley (d. 02/16/2024, LTR of Eastland County) 02.17.24 ECM added Richard C. Thames (d. 02/14/2024, CHS-1955, veteran) 02.14.24 ECM added Drew Dan Jackson (d. 02/12/2024, LTR of Eastland County, veteran) 02.13.24 RJC added Lisa Buchanan Allen (d. 02/16/2024) - Obituary 02.12.24 1951 added links to page for Violet Bledsoe Daskevich (d. in 2023) 02.11.24 ECM added Jimmy Ishmael Orosco (d. 02/04/2024, LTR of Eastland Cty, veteran) 02.10.24 ECM added Sam R. Houston (d. 02/05/2024, CHS-1960) 02.09.24 faculty added memorial page for Bill Boles (d. in 2023, science teacher) 02.09.24 ECM added Karen Seelbach Smith (d. 02/02/2024, LTR of Eastland County) 02.08.24 ECM added Richard Dell Creech (d. 02/05/2024, LTR of Cisco) 02.08.24 RJC added James Lee Birkhimer (d. 12/05/2023, RJC-1966) 02.07.24 1955 added memorial page for Willis R. Rainwater (d. in 2020) 02.07.24 ECM added Princess Sullivent Krantz (d. 02/03/2024, LTR of Eastland) 02.06.24 1956 added memorial page for Pete Jameson 02.05.24 ECM added Margaret Trigg Sparks (d. 02/01/2024, EHS-1947) 02.04.24 RJC added Joe D. Baugh (d. 01/27/2024, RJC-1980) - Obituary 02.04.24 ECM added Ina Scifern Smith (d. 01/28/2024, LTR of Gorman) 02.03.24 1956 added deceased for Pete Jameson (d. 01/30/2024) 02.03.24 1958 added memorial page for Maxie Rainwater Piske (d. in 2023) 02.02.24 others added a note about the passing of Patrick Horrigan (d. 01/11/2024) to the page for Adrian McRae (RHS-1927) 02.02.24 ECM added Carla Jean Wood Pletcher (d. 01/05/2024, LTR of Eastland Cty) 02.01.24 2000 added memorial page for Eric Briggs (d. 01/14/2024) 02.01.24 ECM added Marvin Wilcoxen (d. 01/25/2024, LTR of Cisco)