Ranger Exes Memorial-TX - Updates: 2022

Updated Section Additions/Changes ECM=Eastland County Memorial 09.30.22 website backed up main website files 09.30.22 class1935 reformatted old files in the Class of 1935 09.30.22 1958 added memorial page for Oveda Brown Anderson (d. 09/23/2022) 09.29.22 album created Shutterfly photo album Ranger 2022 & added 51 pics 09.29.22 ECM added Wilbert Gerst (d. 08/31/2022, CJC, veteran) 09.28.22 others added information on Jerry Don Anderson (d. 09/ 23/2022) to his father's page, David Anderson (RHS-1957) 09.28.22 weddings added David Anderson (RHS-1957) & Oveda Brown (RHS-1958), both decd 09.27.22 1966-69 added 2022 Homecoming pic to reunion pages 09.27.22 weddings added Bob McCleskey & Kay Smith (both RHS-1965) 09.27.22 class1964 added 2022 Homecoming pic to reunion page 09.26.22 1961-65 added 2022 Homecoming pic to reunion pages 09.26.22 RJC added Earlene Woodcock Shaw (d. 09/24/2022, nursing) - Obituary 09.25.22 class1960 added 2022 Homecoming pic to reunion page 09.25.22 class1959 added link to Senior class pic to class page 09.24.22 1956&59 added 2022 homecoming pic to reunion pages 09.24.22 schools updated scores on RHS Football Schedule & Scores 09.23.22 album created Shutterfly photo album 2022_homecoming & added 148 pics 09.22.22 Class1959 added graduation program to the Class of 1959 page 09.21.22 ECM added Ruby Childress Wilbanks (d. 09/19/2022, LTR of Eastland County) 09.20.22 Class1959 added 2006 reunion pic to RHS-1959 Class Reunions 09.19.22 RJC added Darla Kaye Underwood (d. 09/13/2022, nursing) - Obituary 09.18.22 schools updated scores on RHS Football Schedule & Scores 09.16.22 others added information on J.T. Killingsworth (d. in 1931) to his son's page, Floyd Killingsworth (RHS-1926) 09.15.22 ECM added Mary Lambert Moore (d. 09/09/2022, LTR of Eastland County) 09.15.22 ECM added Harold J. Zink (d. 09/07/2022, LTR of Gorman) 09.14.22 RJC added Brandon Brinkman (d. 09/09/2022, RC-BW) - Obituary 09.13.22 others added Howard Ed Violet (d. 09/08/2022, LTR of Ranger) - Obituary 09.12.22 1926-28 added Reunion pic to Class 1926-28 pages 09.10.22 schools updated scores on RHS Football Schedule & Scores 09.09.22 others added information on Paul Mainka (d. in 2017) to his wife's page, Vonnie Shook Mainka (RHS- 1957) 09.08.22 ECM added Mary Sargent Starr (d. 09/05/2022, LTR of Eastland County 09.07.22 class1933 reformatted old files in the Class of 1933 09.06.22 1957 updated page for Vonnie Shook Mainka plus another pic 09.05.22 1957 added memorial page for Vonnie Shook Mainka 09.04.22 ECM added Jane Mayers Finley (d. 09/01/2022, EHS-1962) 09.03.22 schools updated scores on RHS Football Schedule & Scores 09.03.22 1957 added deceased for Vonnie Shook Mainka (d. on 09/02/2022) 09.01.22 ECM Norma Schaefer Harris (d. 08/18/2022, CJC) 08.31.22 website backed up main website files 08.29.22 ECM added Norma Schaefer Harris (d. 08/18/2022, CHS-1954) 08.28.22 ECM added Carolyn Thomas Martin (d. 08/15/2022, EHS-1965) 08.27.22 schools updated scores on RHS Football Schedule & Scores 08.27.22 RJC added Phillip R. Sanders (d. 08/25/2022, RJC-1970s) - Obituary 08.26.22 veterans added Eddie Joe Janes (RHS-1955) to the list 08.26.22 Ranger updated page for Mayors of Ranger 08.26.22 RJC added Eddie Joe Janes (RHS-1955) to the list 08.25.22 1955 added memorial page for Eddie Joe Janes (d. on 08/21/2022) 08.24.22 class1932 reformatted old files for the Class of 1932 08.22.22 Texas added two Facebook pics to Movie GIANT: Revisited 08.21.22 Exes updated page on Accommodation in Ranger area 08.20.22 RJC added Juanell Word McMahan (d. in 2011) 08.18.22 ECM added Wilda Dragoo (d. in 1948, head of Art Dept. at CJC) 08.17.22 others added information on Laura Hatley Rogers (d. on 05/17/2022) to her father's page, Pearl Hatley (Faculty) 08.16.22 class1958 corrected entry on veterans page for Lanny Walker 08.14.22 ECM added Weldon Claborn Hill (d. 08/07/2022, RSHS- 1952, veteran) 08.13.22 class1965 created page for RHS-1965 Reunions & added 50th anniversary pic 08.12.22 ECM added Johnnie Cart McDaniel (dd. 08/06/2022, professor at CJC) 08.12.22 ECM added Rev. Dr. Jack L. Clack (d. 08/03/2022, CRHS-1952) 08.11.22 others added Loyd Alvin Howell (d. 08/09/2022, father of 4 RHS-Exes) - Obituary 08.10.22 class1965 added Graduation Program to page on the Class of 1965 08.10.22 ECM added Houston Cozart (d. 08/04/2022, LTR of Eastland County) 08.09.22 schools updated page for RHS Principals 08.08.22 Exes changed & updated page for Exes Printable Form 08.07.22 Exes updated page on Ranger Homecoming & Reunions 08.05.22 ECM added Elnora Phelps Lindley (d. 07/25/2022, LTR of Desdemona) 08.04.22 Texas added Granbury to Old Texas Theaters-3 08.03.22 ECM added Anita Cunningham Caraway (d. 07/30/2022, LTR of Cisco) 08.01.22 schools added 2022/23 RHS Football Schedule 08.01.22 class2023 updated page on the Class of 2023 07.31.22 website backed up main website files 07.29.22 ECM added Darrell Lynn (d. 07/18/2022, LTR of Cisco) 07.28.22 ECM added Rebecca Green Long (d. 07/25/2022, EHS-1972) 07.27.22 others added Federick Earl Mitchell (d. 07/20/2022, LTR of Ranger) 07.27.22 veterans added Federick E. Mitchel (others) 07.25.22 RJC added Jimmie Don Burnett (d. 07/22/2022) 07.24.22 1960 added memorial page for Jimmie Don Burnett 07.23.22 1960 added deceased for Jimmie Don Burnett (d. on 07/22/2022) 07.21.22 ECM added Eric Christian Olvera (d. 07/12/2022, attended school in Gorman 07.20.22 ECM added Marsha Cage Armstrong (d. 07/12/2022, EHS-1965) 07.19.22 ECM added Ronald Wayne Cotton (d. 07/16/2022, LTR of Rising Star) 07.18.22 RJC added Wendy Pugh Snelson (d. 07/12/2022, RJC- 1990s) - Obituary 07.17.22 ECM added Maxcine Hughes Rowch (d. 07/13/2022, DHS-1940) 07.16.22 ECM added Ruth Bethany Guy (d. 07/11/2022, CRHS-1961) 07.14.22 e-mail added new address for Richard Jolly (RHS-1960) 07.13.22 veterans added Robert James Walker (others) 07.12.22 ECM added John Williams Syroios Sr. (d. in 2018, former pastor in Cisco) 07.11.22 RJC added Henry E. Pittman (d. in 2008) - Obituary 07.10.22 RJC added Opal Carter King (d. in 2010, RHS-1933, RC Board of Regents) 07.09.22 class1939 added Kids Day photo to page for Class of 1939 07.09.22 ECM added Melba Stennett Campbell (d. 06/26/2022, LTR of Cisco) 07.08.22 others added information on Robert Walker (d. 07/06/2022) to his son's page, Richard Walker (RHS-1986) 07.07.22 RJC added Dr. Rick Lee Sherrod (d. in 2018, taught at RC) - Obituary 07.06.22 ECM added Patrick Henry Collins (d. 07.01.2022, CRHS-1952) 07.06.22 others added Patrick Henry Collins (former editor of Ranger Times) 07.05.22 RJC added Marvin Lee Sipes (d. 06/30/2022, worked at RJC) - Obituary 07.04.22 others added Betsy Johnson Wilson (d. 06/29/2022, wife of Jerry Wilson of RHS-1960) - Obituary 07.03.22 ECM added Bety Jones Kinnard (d. in 06/25/2022, CJC) 07.02.22 others added information on Don Bradford (d. 06/30/2022) to his wife's page, Helen Dempsey Bradford (RHS-1945) 07.01.22 RJC added Patsy Parrott Henager (d. in 2012) - Obituary 06.30.22 website backed up complete website 06.30.22 others added William Kendrick Jr. (d. 06/27/2022, husband of Maxine Vandergriff of RHS-1958) - Obituary 06.29.22 others moved information on Arthur Beck to his brother's page, Lloyd Beck (RHS-1941) 06.28.22 RJC added Albert Fulcher (d. in 2013) - Obituary 06.28.22 veterans added Albert Fulcher (RJC) 06.28.22 1946 added another pic to page for Margie Falk Lasater 06.27.22 RJC added Jessie Don Bryson (d. in 2018) - Obituary 06.26.22 1946 added memorial page for Margie Falk Lasater (d. 06/23/2022) 06.26.22 e-mail added MRU for Randy Hawley (RHS-1979) 06.25.22 1968 added memorial page for Jimmy Duran Hamilton (d. 06/23/2022) 06.25.22 RJC added Jimmy D. Hamilton (RHS-1968) 06.25.22 veterans added Jimmy D. Hamilton (RHS-1968) 06.24.22 class1963 added HS Graduation program to Class of 1963 page 06.24.22 ECM added Bobby Eugene Moore (d. 06/19/2022, CJC) 06.23.22 RJC added Thomas Lee Long (d. in 2014) - Obituary 06.23.22 ECM added Julia Mason Spurlen (d. 06/07/2022, LTR of Eastland Cty, taught school in Olden) 06.22.22 others moved information on Una Bowen Beck to her daughter's page, Jackie Bowen Bush (RHS-1956) 06.22.22 ECM added Lee Matthew McCormick (d. 06/15/2022, GHS-1996) 06.21.22 RJC added John Fitzgerald Small (d. in 2021) - Obituary 06.21.22 ECM added Tamara Eudy (d. 05/26/2022, attended school in Cisco) 06.20.22 faculty added memorial page for Thomas Jack Durall (d. on 06/12/2022, RHS coach) 06.20.22 RJC added Jack Durall (RJC coach) 06.20.22 veterans added Jack Durall (faculty) 06.19.22 1956 added memorial page for Jackie Bowen Bush (d. on 06/11/2022) 06.10.22 website updates on hold until 06/19/2022 06.10.22 RJC added Nina Erwin Hadlock (d. in 2014, RJC-1938) - Obituary 06.09.22 RJC added Janssen Yother (d. in 2014, RJC-1980s) - Obituary 06.09.22 Texas replaced pic of Hood Cty courthouse on page for Historic Courthouses in Texas-Pg.3 06.08.22 others added information on Karl Alexander (d. 06/05/2022) to his brother's page, Jerry Alexander (RHS-1975) 06.08.22 ECM added Veronica Holmans Vara (d. 05/27/2022, attended school in Cisco) 06.07.22 RJC added Carolyn Leist Towery (d. in 2016) - Obituary 06.07.22 class2022 added scholarship recipients to Class of 2022 06.06.22 RJC added Louis B. Polk (d. in 2018, RJC-1980s) - Obituary 06.05.22 e-mail added email address for Brenda Evans Wall (others) 06.05.22 RJC added James Thomas Hollins Jr. (d. in 2018, RJC- 1970s) - Obituary 06.04.22 1943 updated page for Beveryl Byrons Evans 06.04.22 RJC added Kenneth Wayne Housden (d. 2017, coach at RJC) - Obituary 06.03.22 RJC added Hollis McLane (d. in 2017, RJC-1950s) - Obituary 06.03.22 ECM added Dakota Austin Porter (d. 05/29/2022, attended EISD) 06.02.22 1951 added memorial page for Florence Ashcraft Baughman (d. 05/28/2022) 06.02.22 RJC added Florence Ashcraft Baughman (RHS-1951, RJC-1950s) 06.01.22 ECM added Cecil Larry Jessup (d. 05/25/2022, attended CISD) 06.01.22 ECM added Tracey Ables Hamrick (d. 05/15/2022, attended school in Eastland) 06.01.22 RJC added Junior Arterburn (d. in 2019, RJC-1940s) - Obituary 06.01.22 class2022 updated page on Class of 2022